RV Camping With Kids and Surviving

Family-friendly RV park includes enjoying summer evening with kids

The key to surviving an RV camping trip with kids is planning. One of the first planning steps is to choose a family-friendly RV Park. At Woodland Creek RV Park, we love camping with our families, so we created our facility with that in mind. With the right park, you’ll do more than survive RV camping with kids – you’ll make happy memories to last a lifetime. 


Family-Friendly RV Park Qualities for Successful Family Camping

Surviving RV camping with kids is easier when the park you choose has some basic qualities and amenities.


Kids – and adults, for that matter – are affected by prolonged periods of heat exposure. And let’s face it: sometimes it makes us grumpy, which does not promote family fun. Consider family-friendly RV Parks that offer plenty of shade. There is shade throughout our park for relief from the sun.


A nice amenity for family RV parks is swimming pools. With the Texas heat, we felt a swimming pool was a necessity for Woodland Creek RV Park! After a long hot day of hiking, your family will be refreshed after a dip in the pool. This sets everyone up for an enjoyable evening with fewer complaints.


Doing laundry doesn’t sound like fun, but having access to laundry facilities is essential for family-friendly RV parks. Even if you don’t need to do laundry during a visit, it’s nice to have a dryer to throw wet towels and bathing suits in for quick drying. Fewer piles of wet things drying in and around your RV make it more pleasant for everyone.


No one wants an overwhelming list of rules to follow when camping. However, family-friendly RV parks set up guidelines for a safe and enjoyable experience. For example, families with young children especially appreciate our request for quiet hours from 10pm-8:30am. The general recommendation for the best time camping with kids is to set bedtimes. Quiet hours don’t mean adults and older kids can’t stay up and enjoy the night, but limiting noise lets those who need sleep get it.


Family-Friendly RV Park Activities to Keep Kids Entertained

family-friendly RV park with family activities two kids enjoying s'mores pictured

We set up Woodland Creek RV Park with enough things to do so that you can enjoy an entire trip without venturing off-property. Some people find it less of a hassle to not load up small children for an evening out. That option is available, of course, but no one in the family will complain of boredom at our park.


Families love gathering for dinner from the food trucks for a taste of local flavor, and it’s one last meal for mom and dad to plan.


Every parent knows trips go better when kids stay busy and entertained. Because of this, we schedule different activities for after-dinner enjoyment. Hayrides and s’mores nights are two popular events on our weekend calendar. For even more things to do, kids and parents will find everything they need for a game of cornhole, bocce, and life-sized Connect Four and Jenga.


Planning Tips for Happy Family RV Camping

With a family-friendly RV park as your destination, you’ve taken steps to set yourself up for surviving your camping trip with kids. You’re on your way to having as much fun as they will on your trip!


However, there is still some planning to do for the best chances of success. 


Set Rules and Expectations Beforehand

Kids adjust when they know what to expect. By discussing the rules before your trip, you help prevent arguments and frustration during your adventure. Also, setting expectations about meals and activities lessens their anxiety. It’s a way to prevent or at least curtail being asked 100 times, “When are we going to eat?” 

Another rule to consider is regarding technology usage. As a parent, if you feel nature is best enjoyed without smartphones and tablets, then let the kids know that in advance. Setting technology aside means more time for bonding as a family; if that is your goal, you face less resistance by providing advance notice. 

Assign Tasks to the Kids

You and your family will have a better experience if everyone pitches in with dinner prep, setting the picnic table, and cleaning up afterward. Your camping trip will run smoothly as your family bonds as a team working together. 

Pack Lots of Kid-Friendly Snacks

Camping, when done well, generates a lot of physical exercise. Hiking, exploring, and swimming all burn energy. Kids need to replenish the fuel they burn to be their happiest and healthiest. Don’t underestimate how hungry they will get between meals. Snacks can be healthy; just make sure they’re plentiful.  

Make a Packing List

As a parent, you know what your kids need to survive. It’s second nature for parents to pack up the sunscreen, bug repellent, medications, etc. for a camping trip. Sometimes, though, when you start packing up for a family camping trip, you quickly realize it’s quite a task and not the most fun. Consider dividing up the list and assigning parts of it to family members. Kids will like being part of the process, and it saves you some work. 

We Are a Family-Friendly RV Park Destination in Tyler, Texas

Woodland Creek RV Park was designed with families in mind to enjoy all the best camping offers. We offer a secluded area that’s a short drive to town in case you forget something your family needs. We look forward to being part of your family RV camping fun. Visit our website to learn about the family experience that awaits you at Woodland Creek RV Park!