Celebrating Holidays at an RV Park

RV park holidays

What’s one of the biggest reasons to stay at a family-friendly RV park? Family, of course, and the things that matter to them, including celebrating holidays.

Creating Family Memories with RV Park Holidays

As you travel in your RV, holidays sometimes sneak up on you – your calendar suddenly says, “Did you know that next Monday is Columbus Day, and all the banks and government offices will be closed?” Wait a minute; that’s the day you planned to renew your driver’s license. 

Government holidays: you gotta love them. When you’re working, it means a day off. But those aren’t the days off we’re talking about here. 

We’re talking about the fun times you can enjoy in your RV. It’s a golden opportunity for sampling local customs and food, improvising and creating new traditions, and meeting people who might celebrate the same holiday in a completely different way. And it can add so much to your family’s memories.

Which Holidays Do We Mean? 

  • We all have our personal favorites; Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Day, Easter, Christmas, and Hanukkah, to name a few. Many great RV parks celebrate Thanksgiving Day with a jointly-prepared meal. Whether you call it a potluck dinner or a covered dish supper, getting together with people from all over the country – and maybe even from other nations – can help us remember that this is a day when we say thanks.  

If your RV park doesn’t offer a formal dinner plan, maybe you can get together with your RV park neighbors or contact a church or civic group in the town you’re visiting.  

Another way to celebrate Thanksgiving in an RV park is by volunteering at a local soup kitchen. Giving thanks while helping others: what better way to celebrate than to help brighten someone else’s day?

  • Christmas and other winter holidays: Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or maybe even Diwali (which depends on the lunar calendar).

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Questions That May Impact Your Plans

  • Even though it’s a good reason to travel in the south during the winter, you don’t want to arrive only to find out the park is closed for the holiday. Is the park even open? It’s best to do your homework on this one.
  • What are the RV happenings? Is the RV park celebrating the holidays? If you celebrate Christmas and have small children, will Santa be in the area? 
  • Another question for the small ones: how is Santa going to visit if your RV doesn’t have a chimney and fireplace? You’d better prepare the kids for the changes in traditions. 
  • Does the RV park have information on churches and local celebrations you can join? If not, could you suggest they assemble some information for their guests?
  • Do you have some decorations to make your limited space more festive? Does the RV park allow (or encourage) decorations? (Command hooks are great for hanging temporary lights.) Maybe the RV park sponsors a contest for the best decorations! 

Winter/Spring RV Park Holidays

  • How about New Year’s Eve? Celebrating at the RV park is a fun and safe way to toast the new year. Many RV parks host parties, including dinners, dancing, DJs, or bands to encourage visitors to stay in the area and enjoy the holiday without being on the highways.
  • Easter – Some RV parks sponsor sunrise services, breakfast with the Easter Bunny, and the ever-popular Easter egg hunts. If the park doesn’t, you may be able to find local churches or civic groups that sponsor events. Don’t forget to offer a donation to help offset the cost of your family’s participation.
  • Political holidays – Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day. Hang out the red, white, and blue and find out where the local fireworks events will happen. (Please note that you are not encouraged to set off your own fireworks at the RV park! You don’t want a bottle rocket to land on the roof of your neighbor’s RV.)  

Fall RV Park Holidays

  • Halloween – It’s a holiday where you can let it all hang out. You’re never going to see these people again, are you? Want to dress like a pirate, a dog, a political figure, or the Walking Dead? Go ahead! 
  • Does the RV park encourage trick or treating? Find out ahead of time, so you aren’t embarrassed by being one of those homes with the lights turned off and the owners hiding under the table – and all because you didn’t buy any candy. You don’t want your RV toilet-papered, do you? 
  • Halloween is also the best holiday for a campfire, marshmallows, and ghost stories told by a witch or a man with a scary voice dressed in a black robe. 

Other Considerations for Your RV Park Holidays

So many ideas, so much creativity! You could even look for a pumpkin carving contest; if there isn’t one, host your own. 

Even though some of your favorites might not be included here, let these ideas help you plan to bring your holiday customs from your home to your RV.  

Traveling shouldn’t mean missing out on your traditions. Sometimes it means adjusting them to meet your needs. Great family-friendly RV parks host holiday events to help you celebrate the holidays that matter most to you. If they don’t, they should be able to point you in the direction of the action.

At Woodland Creek RV Park in Tyler, Texas, we offer the best of everything a 5-star RV park can offer. 

We are here to help you make your holidays and every day the best they can be. Our advice: if there’s any fun, make sure you’re right in the middle of it! 

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