Family-Friendly RV Parks Can Increase Togetherness

Looking for more togetherness? Some fabulous 5-star family-friendly RV parks can increase togetherness and are waiting to be explored, such as Woodland Creek RV Park. Look for parks run by expert staff who have their fingers on the pulse of fun. You’ve probably heard it said: “The family that plays together stays together.” Whoever said that must have valued togetherness.

Being together, traveling, playing, and living together can teach you so much about people and life! If you want to bond, explore traveling in an RV.

The Top Requirements for Successful RV Togetherness

  1. Make sure you like each other. This doesn’t mean “he’s OK” or “no one else is available” – it means that you can work together, support each other through tough times and celebrate together during the good times.  
  2. Can you live a minimalist life? You will only have room for a few extras. You know that third set of china you received from your great-uncle’s estate? The dishes may need to find a new home; you won’t have room. 
  3. You both need to want to travel this way. Any RV park has its sad stories of traveling companions who didn’t know how things would work. Like the husband who decides to sell the house and buy a motorhome to become a full-time RVer while his wife wonders what in the world he was thinking. 

Then there’s the college grad who persuaded friends to start a two-month vacation across the country – a celebratory trip to explore the world before getting that dream job – only to find that the traveling companions have nothing in common other than that much-talked-about adventure they couldn’t wait to take.

These are just two examples.

On the other hand, if both parties clearly understand what to expect, there are many advantages to living and traveling in an RV!

Some Advantages of RV Travel

  • You can be as comfortable and luxurious as living at home.
  • Though RV parks offer many of the same amenities as top-quality hotels, they are often located in rural areas. Children can safely run and play outdoors or in child-friendly playgrounds and pools, unlike hotels, where quiet is mandatory.
  • No packing and re-packing. You’re home.  
  • Traveling with your family is a great way to combine learning and travel, whether you’re on a long or short trip. Any trip allows everyone to learn something new and meet new people. 

Ways To Make RV Life Easier and More Fun

  • You’re a team! Find ways for everyone to contribute.
  • Compromise when you need to. Admit errors, but don’t push your companion to admit them.
  • Let your kids help decide where to stay – kid-friendly activities are essential and not available at all parks. This helps teach them consideration of others.
  • Make sure you all can sleep well. “Oh, they’ll be fine; they’re just kids” doesn’t work for everyone’s well-being. 
  • Don’t make movement the priority. Expect everyone to have a different energy level. Too many of us remember childhood trips with parents who insisted that 500-mile travel days were possible and couldn’t understand everyone’s crankiness at the end of the day.
  • Learn about the area you’re visiting and stop at some local attractions and events; it will add to the fun, even if it needs to be pre-planned.
  • Give each other space, both physically and mentally. Allow each person to choose a “space” that is theirs alone, even if it’s just their seat at the table.  
  • Take a walk when you need to – dogs are great for this. Remember that you don’t need to always walk fast. 
  • Help each other with your strengths and weaknesses. Let’s say you and your companion always share the driving, but you’re heading for Atlanta. According to your plan, it’s your turn to drive, but you’re not great at city traffic. You should ask your buddy to keep driving; take a break before heading into the city chaos if you need to, but only drive what you can handle. Your goal is to conquer Atlanta, not to comply with a schedule.  
  • When the other person is driving, be quiet. No one appreciates a back-seat driver, so unless the driver is doing something that puts you at risk, like texting or putting on makeup or your help is requested, keep unsolicited advice to yourself.

    Whatever You Do, Do This – and Remember Family-Friendly RV Parks Increase Togetherness!

  • Remember that even people who love each other can get on others’ nerves; it’s bound to happen. The trick is to not take it out on each other. Let’s say it’s been raining for days and the walls inside your RV are starting to close in on you. What kind of coping skills do you need? Is everything everyone says making you crazy? You could agree not to talk. If the weather is cooperative, you could take a walk. 
  • No matter what you do, build some fun into every trip. Let everyone choose some of the activities. And whatever you don’t do, don’t dictate how everyone should react: “Listen here, kids, today we’re going to do this, this, and this, and we’re going to have fun. Do you hear me? Fun!” Talk about taking the fun out of fun!

When you’ve had enough of the “same old same old” and you’re ready for a change of scenery, look no further than your house on wheels; it can take you to places you never knew existed. So remember to look for family-friendly Woodland Creek RV Park to increase togetherness. We offer amenities for everyone. Call us today for a complete list of things to do and places to see in the Tyler, Texas, area.