Office Resources: Making Your RV Work for You

office resources RV

Remember when working meant going to the office? You reported to work, sat down at your desk, and counted the minutes till lunch. Maybe you punched a clock; perhaps you didn’t. Or maybe you worked in a cubicle with no windows. Maybe you dreamed about vacation, sticking your toes in the sand, or drinking coffee by the campfire.

One thing was for sure: when you traveled, you left work behind; you didn’t take it with you.

Things have changed, and that’s good news for those of us who love our RVs – because not only can we take our home away from home with us, we can also take our makeshift office.

Just because we want to get away from it all doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected while enjoying our best trip ever.

Whether you are an expert RVer or a newbie to working on the road, you’ll need a few things to make your trip as productive as possible. Here’s a checklist to get you prepared:

First Things First: Wifi for Office Resources

Bring your laptop. We are always more comfortable in familiar surroundings. The same is true of equipment; we like our phones, iPad, headphones, and computer. Make sure to park your RV at a campsite that has high-speed wifi. 

One such place is Woodland Creek RV Park. We offer wifi that reaches all sites, and we also have dedicated internet lines to each site for those wanting an upgrade.

Even though you don’t have to leave your campsite to use the internet, you can if you wish. Around town, you’ll find several places with available connections, including:

  1. The Tyler Public Library offers a Computer Lab with twenty-four computers on the third floor. Anyone with a library card can go right in and log onto a computer. Those without a library card can request temporary access. And if the hour allowed isn’t enough, you can request additional time as long as someone isn’t waiting.
  2. Tyler Texas Restaurants with wifi:
  • McDonald’s: With the usual fare, you’ll be finishing your assignment in no time. 
  • Panera Bread: Soups, salads, bread, tea. Coffee and oh, the danish! 
  • Starbucks: There’s no waiting for the person at a nearby table to leave so you can use their outlet – this place has plenty of plugs to get you connected in no time. Treat yourself to a Blond roast Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato with Almond milk, cinnamon dolce, and a shot of vanilla. 
  • The Corner Bakery: Stop in, log on, and enjoy a cup of coffee. Treat yourself to breakfast, lunch, or dessert! 

office resources RV

Printing Services and Other Office Resources

It happens to all of us: we spend all day working on an assignment when we realize the printer is out of ink. Epic fail alert! What’s a traveling worker to do, call the boss and complain? Nope. You have options, especially if you’re here in Tyler. Here’s a short list of places you can get your work printed:

  • Commercial Printing Services | FedEx Office: This printing service covers you from simple to complex projects. Print online, on-demand, distribution, fast delivery, and mailing. 
  • Office Max: Unlike some businesses that roll the streets up at 5:00, Office Max in Tyler is open until 8:00 pm. 
  • Tyler Public Library: Black and white printing available at twenty-five cents per page.

Postal Services

With four locations in Tyler, there’s every reason to mail your assignments hassle-free with the United States Postal Service.

Office Resources in Your RV

It’s most likely safe to say that the American Dream looks different from one person to the next. But ask anyone how they see themselves spending the perfect life, and chances are the last thing you’ll hear is behind closed doors in a stale office with no end in sight.

If your dream is heading out on the open road while earning your wages, then you are like a lot of us who live our best lives in our RVs. With nobody looking over our shoulder, we wake up when we want, enjoy the sunrise, and watch the fireflies at night while roasting marshmallows over an open flame.

And since many of us have the good sense to head to Woodland Creek RV Park, we have all the amenities and nearby establishments to make our lives easier. If you ever wondered if it was possible to work and travel simultaneously, then you haven’t been to the Rose Capital of the World – Tyler, Texas. 

Life is too short to live your adventure in an office – unless you take the office with you. Isn’t it about time you did work you love, in a place you love, while exploring the world? Give us a call at Woodland Creek RV Park today.