RV Park Amenities and Why They Matter


This last year (2020-2021), the number of recreational vehicles (RVs) built in the United States increased by more than 20 percent. That’s quite an increase in the number of people traveling and staying in RV parks in a wide variety of RV types: bumper-hitch travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, and class A, B, and C motorhomes.  

With the fear of COVID this year and hotel costs, it’s no wonder folks are taking to RV Parks, and Woodland Creek RV Park in Tyler, Texas, is no exception.

The people driving these RVs have needs and wants as varied as their moving homes. Let’s look at some of the differences. On any afternoon, an RV park host might meet:

  • A family with several children on vacation is likely to pull a large trailer with a pickup truck and say they need a break from traveling.
  • A young couple is typically pulling a small vintage travel trailer, touring the country with their dog and working from home.
  • A retired couple who are “full-timers” moves their 41-foot class A motorhome to a new location while towing a car.

Almost everyone wants some of the same amenities because they make life more pleasant:

  • Paved roads and level, well-spaced sites that are easy to get into and out of often make a huge difference. “Pull through” spaces are ideal, though sites you can back into at the edges of the park can offer more privacy. “Big rigs” need plenty of room to turn. Sites should at least have picnic tables. No mud!
  • All sites should offer reliable utilities, including 50 amp electricity, clean water at the correct pressure, a decent sewer hookup that doesn’t stink, and FREE high-speed wireless internet access and cable connections.
  • Staff should be friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. There should be enough staff members to handle problems and minimize waiting. 

             Not all amenities will appeal to all people. While the following list is not exclusive to specific age groups, it offers a snapshot of typical preferences: 

Family-Oriented Amenities 

  • A family traveling together needs a place to relax and prepare to take on a nearby amusement park. What amenities do they need and want? If they do the traditional thing, they might send Dad off with the kids for the day. His job is to keep them entertained and give Mom time to restore order to the chaos inside the trailer and to take a few deep breaths. The ideal RV park will have both indoor and outdoor amenities.
  • Swimming pool and playground. Always popular with children – remember the sunscreen and towels.
  • Game and exercise rooms – great for rainy days.
  • Outdoor games and nature events. These can include basketball and volleyball courts or shuffleboard, disc golf, and corn hole, depending on the size and ingenuity of the RV park. Some parks will employ staff to lead games, walks, and classes.
  • Food trucks. An increasingly popular option at campgrounds that used to have small restaurants, food trucks give campers a chance to eat out without driving.
  • Camp store. A rising number of people said a store is essential to campers who don’t have the time or energy to drive to an unfamiliar town to get necessities and souvenirs of the local area.  
  • Laundry. Remember the overworked mom? She’s catching up on a week’s worth of dirty clothes and linens.  
  • Restrooms and showers. When a typical American family suddenly shares a small trailer bathroom, it often helps to send them all to the showers and toilets provided by the campground, especially at the end of a hot, sweaty day.

Young Couple RV Park Amenities 

  • How about the young couple with the dog in the vintage trailer? They need a dog park to give their pup room to run. Surveys of campers note that this amenity is only appreciated if it is maintained and offers “waste bags” and a closed waste can.
  • It’s likely that their small, older trailer does not have a full bath. They’ll need the restroom and shower. 
  • They will rely heavily on excellent internet access, and since their trailer’s space is limited, they may choose an RV park with a coffee shop or similar setting.
  • How about an RV park with a yoga class or a fitness center? All ages can use these amenities, but there’s little room to exercise if you’re working from home in a small RV.

Older Couple RV Park Amenities 

  • Couples, especially those who are retired and no longer “on the clock or calendar,” will sometimes live full-time in their RV. These tend to be larger, more expensive, and have all the comforts of a brick-and-mortar house. Their needs can be different – but aren’t always.
  • They need roads and campsites that are easy to maneuver without overhanging trees and buildings.  
  • They often have washers and dryers – but not always. When they do their laundry, they want clean facilities with ample machines.  
  • Since they’re “at home,” they often enjoy taking advantage of food trucks and community dinners or breakfasts.
  • Fitness centers and classes, walking trails, and opportunities for exercise are popular.
  • Since they are traveling with everything they own, security is vital.
  • They are most likely to appreciate quiet hours and courtesy on the part of other campers.


Amenities for Everyone 

Many RV parks will offer seasonal amenities: summer movie nights, autumn hayrides, Christmas decorations, Easter egg hunts, and events oriented around national holidays. Families are often traveling during these times and are looking for destinations to camp and enjoy low-cost attractions. RV parks can provide these features if they have the space, facilities, and staff.

When you’re researching the ideal RV park for your next vacation, be sure to check more than the rates. Review the amenities to make sure that the park has what you need and want so that your stay will be the vacation of your dreams.

Amenities are not a one-size-fits-all proposition: some people want them, and some don’t. Some people cannot imagine camping without a wood fire next to their rig, while others hate the smoke of a hundred fires. Then some want to party; some want to read. Some can’t wait for the swimming pool to open; some can’t wait for the noise to stop when it closes.  

One thing is sure: if you are looking for an RV park with a personal touch, Woodland Creek RV Park‘s family-owned business focuses on your creature comforts. We understand what it means to escape with your family, significant other, or even if you are flying solo, and we are excited to be of service to you. 

Our goal at Woodland Creek is to make your adventure to Tyler, Texas, filled with treasured memories, which often include your favorite amenities.  We’d love to help you explore the options, so call us today!

Our goal at Woodland Creek is to make your adventure to Tyler, Texas, filled with treasured memories, which often include your favorite amenities.  We’d love to help you explore the options, so call us today!