5 Reasons Campers Love Tyler, Texas

RV Park in Tyler, TX vintage airstream family by pond

There are a lot of great things happening in One of the things we love the most is the robust camping scene. Take a look at any RV Park in Tyler, TX, you’ll see hipsters in their 20s and 30s sharing a campfire with older generations. Everyone comes together to share the tradition of a great camping experience. With all these good camping vibes, one might wonder if Tyler, Texas, has a secret causing generations to flock to our campgrounds. 

It isn’t really a secret, but rather the ideal mix of ingredients. Tyler has it all for amazing camping experiences in one area. So, we’ve put together our list of the top 5 reasons campers love Tyler, Texas, and hope you will be encouraged to visit us soon! 

#1 Campers Love the Lakes in Tyler

The large lakes in Tyler are huge draws for campers and for good reason. Lake Tyler East and West are close to town and a short drive from an RV Park in Tyler, TX.

Our lakes offer all the recreational water adventures you could ever want. Lake Tyler East and West make it easy for campers to tow in their boats. Also, Tyler lakes are renowned largemouth bass fishing spots. Campers enjoy spending the day at the lake fishing, swimming, and enjoying a leisurely lakeside picnic. The beautiful backdrop of waterfowl enjoying the lake as well completes the picture for wonderful memories. 

Some campers like the option of spending one day at the Tyler Lakes and another at Lake Palestine. Lake Palestine is just 15 miles southwest of Tyler. It’s another great spot for boating, water skiing, canoeing, and fishing. 

#2 Numerous Hiking Spots Close to a Camper’s RV Park in Tyler, TX

Campers visiting Tyler love the varied hiking options in our area. There are trails for every type of outdoor experience. For example, The East Texas Arboretum lets you meander through beautiful botanical gardens and over two miles of natural hiking trails. The 115-foot suspension bridge joins two trails together. It offers a view of a restored bog area. Hiking history buffs love to enjoy structures like the Wofford House Museum and the Henderson County Veterans Memorial monument as stops along their journey. 

Additionally, another favorite hiking spot is the Mineola Nature Preserve, with many miles of walking, biking, and horseback trails. It’s the perfect place to watch nature in progress with frogs, birds, and large butterflies dotting the landscape. 

For peaceful longer hikes, Tyler State Park has 13 miles of beautiful trails and a 64-acre lake. The Whispering Pine Trail is a camper favorite, thanks to the Civilian Conservation Corps that created it over 70 years ago. Trails in this park range from easy to moderate with picturesque views of wildflowers and towering pine trees. 

#3 Campers Love a Night on the Town in Tyler

RV Park in Tyler, TX man strumming guitar

With a variety of camping options close to town, campers enjoy being able to spend a night or two in downtown Tyler. Tyler’s unique restaurant scene offers foodies the opportunity to indulge in local culinary delights. It’s a pleasurable break from cooking meals at the campsite. The other draw is the local music scene. It’s not unusual to find restaurants in Tyler with a stage for campers to take in the sounds from local talent to top off a satisfying meal.  

#4 Campers Enjoy the Climate of Tyler 

The climate of Tyler is comfortable for camping nearly year-round. Throw some extra blankets in your tent or RV and you can extend your camping season far beyond what other states offer. 

Summers in Tyler are long – and at their peak, admittedly quite hot. However, with the lakes of Tyler and available swimming pools at many campgrounds, there are plenty of fun opportunities to cool off without any complaints. And a view of the Texas sky on a summer night is a wonder that keeps campers coming back year after year. 

#5 Campers Love a Great RV Park and Tyler, Texas Delivers 

When you see the number of camping options in the Tyler area, it’s obvious this is a camper’s paradise. What makes Tyler stand out are RV Parks like ours. Woodland Creek RV Park was designed with attention to every detail for a wonderful camping getaway. 

We know sometimes you just need to cool off, so we provide plenty of shade options and a swimming pool. Also, we love taking our dogs camping, so we included a dog park at our facility. Sharing activities like cornhole or making s’mores is a camping tradition, and we encourage this with community events at the park. 

Of course, we have the basics you’d expect in an RV park for your camper’s electrical and water needs. Equally important: we  place a priority on security, so when you tuck in for the night you know your family is safe and sound. 

Tyler, Texas is a place you’ll find like-minded people who are fans of RV camping. As a result, consider the fun you’ll have socializing with other new or vintage camper enthusiasts. Or, check out how someone cleverly converted a van into a boho paradise, while visiting an RV park in Tyler, Texas. 

For more information or to reserve a spot at Woodland Creek RV Park, visit our website today!