Keep Your RV Cool in the Summer

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Staying cool, especially if you’re not in a sticks-and-bricks house, is always a challenge, especially in the southern US. RVs are light and easy to drive or tow, so they’re not well insulated. And even the most expensive coaches have a hard time staying cool when it’s hot and humid. While Tyler, Texas, ranks cooler than much of the state, you will still find it in the 90s on a typical day in August. RV Parks in Tyler have considered this. 

RV Cooling: Some Things To Remember

The best air conditioners can reduce the inside temperatures to only about 20 degrees below the outside temperature. It’s a waste of electricity – and a burden on your system – to expect 68 degrees inside when it’s 98 degrees outside.  

  • Be realistic. The type of RV you’re using will greatly affect how cool you can get. Even if your pop-up camper has an air conditioner, it can’t possibly be as effective as the high-powered air conditioners found in large Class A coaches.   
  • Humidity affects cooling. In some parts of the country, “swamp coolers” (also called evaporative air conditioners) can work almost as well as regular air conditioners, but only where the air is dry.  

What Can You Do to Stay Comfortable at Our RV Park in Tyler? 

Here are some suggestions for keeping your RV cool(er).   

  • Make sure your air conditioning unit is well maintained. The hotter the weather, the harder your system must work – don’t wait until it’s dead to have it checked. Clean the filters in your system regularly – every few weeks, or more frequently if you have animals or live in a dusty area. While you’re at it, clean the filters of your exhaust fans.  
  • While it’s still cool in the mornings, open your windows and turn on your exhaust fans instead of using your air conditioner.
  • Find the coolest place in your RV and push the air to the warmer area. In an RV with two air conditioners, one often cools the bedroom. That smaller room may stay more comfortable than your living area during the day – put a fan in the doorway to move the bedroom’s cooler air toward your living area.  
  • Park in the shade if you can. In areas where no shade is available, protect your windows with solar shields, which you can often find at auto parts stores. The large windows of Class A RVs are great heat collectors, especially if your RV parking spot faces the sun. If you can’t find solar shields, you can find rolls of quilted foil insulation or cover the inside of your windows with aluminum foil. (If you can cover the outside of the window with foil, even better.) Here’s a link for reflective insulation. You can buy 10 feet of it for about $35. Put your awning out to protect windows from the sun and give yourself some outside shade.  
  • Does your shower have a skylight? Cover that too.  
  • Change old fluorescent bulbs for LED bulbs and turn them off during the day.
  • Protect your refrigerator’s ability to cool your food. Park with that side of your RV facing away from the sun, or at least buy a small fan meant to cool this area.

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Small Changes, Big Difference at Our RV Park in Tyler

You already know these things, but living like you’re at home won’t help keep your RV cool. After all, you want to eat, sleep, and relax in a space where chilling out means being cool! These new habits may be hard to teach the whole family, but it’s worth it.

  • Close the door! Minimize trips through the door – hot air floods up the steps every time you open it.  
  • Change the way you cook and eat. No matter how you prepare food at home, reconsider your needs when it’s hot. If your family demands bacon and eggs every morning, buy a skillet and let them learn how to cook outdoors. Picnics are a great idea. Do you need to cook on the stove indoors? Now’s a great time to break old habits and learn that salads and other cool foods are healthy and tasty. It’s also vacation time for the family chef.  
  • And drink! The more liquid you consume, the easier it is for your body to cool itself. Water is the best hydrator and coolant.
  • Find things during the day that you can do to stay cool. Use the RV park’s pool, not just the chairs around it. Hike in the woods early in the day. In or near a city? Take advantage of air-conditioned spaces like malls or movie theaters.
  • Play at night when things aren’t so hot. There are many fun evening adventures, and good RV parks can suggest resources. 
  • Remember that electronics create heat. This might be a good time to decrease the use of TVs, computers, tablets, and cell phones.  

Keeping Your Cool at Our RV Park in Tyler

When is the best time to visit Tyler, Texas? The answer is every time is a good time! 

All you need are some ways to keep your RV cool. Great RV parks offer full hookups to run fans and air conditioners so you can sleep at night and enjoy outdoor living during the day.