What to Know Before Heading to the Best RV Park in Tyler

RV park Tyler TX

When you head off into the sunrise (or sunset) on your first RV trip, you’ve just enrolled in RV school. There’s so much to learn and so many things you never thought of, and some you’ll wish you knew before setting out on the road.

Your first trips will bring both challenges and opportunities of all kinds. Here are a few things to consider:

Plan with Your Budget in Mind – An RV Park in Tyler Can Help

Not only do you need to plan where to go, but how and also what will you do when you get there?

  • Don’t travel to expensive places “in season.” If you must visit a tourist attraction during prime time, expect to pay more. 
  • Not every activity must cost money. Look for free activities wherever you are. Pre-plan some indoor activities for bad weather. Woodland Creek RV Park in Tyler, Texas, has lots of activities for the entire family. Start there.

Plan Your Meals

  • Food. We all have favorite things to eat, so pack accordingly, including food for the inevitable sicknesses, whether colds, COVID, or the stomach bug. Kids especially need the comfort foods they crave when ill. Avoid buying all your supplies at campground stores, and make eating out a special time. The internet can give you many lists to help you stock your kitchen.
  • Your fun can last longer if you don’t eat like you’re on vacation. Pack some “fun” food and learn to make meals in the compact kitchen of your RV. Breakfasts are easy to do at “home” – bacon and eggs or pancakes cooked outdoors can make breakfast an event and you’ll create memories. 

Plan Your Fuel

  • Look ahead for less expensive fuel and stations that will fit your RV. Large campers that require gas are the hardest to manage, as you need to squeeze into the “cars” area of gas stations. However, diesel RVs can be fueled at truck stops. The satellite views on Google Maps are helpful. 

Some people create a travel budget ahead of time to save the necessary money. Some also travel slowly, staying in one place longer, getting a long-stay discount and using less fuel. One thing is sure: you want to avoid finding yourself out of money before the end of your journey.

Plan Your Route

  • Think about what you want to do on your trip. Do you want to head across the country with maximum efficiency, or do you want to wander the backroads?
  • What about your RV’s limitations? How long and high is it? Will it fit into state and national park campgrounds? Will it fit under all the bridges and overpasses on your way? Some US (New England) areas have older roads and lower, narrower overpasses.  

RV park Tyler TX

Prepare Your Vehicle(s) to Visit the Best RV Park in Tyler

One thing you may learn the hard way: RV travel is hard on your vehicle. Whether you’re talking about the towing vehicle, the trailer, the motorhome, or the towed vehicle, all those moving parts must be prepared for the trip.  

  • Check your maintenance records and ensure you’ve changed the oil, replaced the windshield wipers, and tuned everything up. Moreover, make sure your tires have suitable sidewalls and tread and are at most 5-6 years old, no matter how few miles they may have on them. Blowouts are dangerous, and hours spent by the side of the road can ruin the fun. Many RV companies reduce weight by eliminating the spare tire.
  • Do all your appliances work? Check them out before the trip. Double-check that you have owner’s manuals or can find them online.  
  • Is there safe seating for all? Here’s information on car seats, seat belts, and traveling in RVs. https://www.outdoorsy.com/blog/rv-rules-for-kids-car-seats Sometimes, common sense stays home, encouraging us to do dumb things like letting passengers ride in the over-cab beds of class C motorhomes or – worse – letting them ride in a trailer. 

Pack for Opportunities – and Challenges

Differing tastes, space, budgets, and plans define what you pack. On our way home from each trip, we review what we brought (but shouldn’t have) and what we didn’t bring (but should have).

  • Supplies. Plan for clothing, food, medications, first aid, cleaning, and games. You’ll be able to wash clothes at many RV parks, so remember that t-shirts at tourist attractions are much more expensive than at home.  
  • Medicine and medical records. For health challenges, accidents, and emergencies:
    • Some sickness is inevitable. Have your favorite over-the-counter medicines on hand so you’re not out looking for aspirin when you’re sick. Take a set of N-95 masks, just in case. They may keep sickness from passing through your whole family.  
    • If you live with medical challenges or disabilities, do your research. Not all RV parks are ADA-compliant. If you need to contact a medical specialist, list doctors and hospital locations beforehand.  
    • Bring your family’s medical records.  
    • Remember to bring medical records for your pets in case you must board them. (You also need them if crossing into Canada or Mexico.)
  • Tools. You won’t be 24 hours into your trip before you realize you need some essential tools
  • Bug-out bag. Natural (and political) events can drive you from your travel plans with little notice. If you’re advised to leave the area, you’ll be glad you planned and built a bag of emergency supplies.
  • Roadside Assistance. Even if you bought a roadside assistance plan with your car, you can’t rely on it to save your RV. Many companies offer assistance for RVs; some are better than others, and some only work in some regions of the country. Only some wrecker trucks can (or will) tow a motorhome, and most won’t carry tires that fit RVs.

Plan for Asphalt Overload

One thing to remember, especially when traveling with a family: it will always take longer than driving a car. Bring along plenty of games and diversions for the kids.

You’ll find more things to do and more places to go, but you’ll also find it’s harder to find a good gas station, that you can’t drive as fast, and that you may have to stop earlier (or later) than you wish because the only RV park you can use is inconveniently located.

Come Visit the Best RV Park in Tyler

Of course, this is not the case with Woodland Creek RV Park, because this 5-star park is not only easy to find; it’s also packed with amenities. 

Call us today and find out why we are the RV Park of choice in Tyler, Texas. Happy RVing!