Tips for Choosing the Right RV Park

RV park Tyler

What kind of place is an RV park these days, and how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

Google “luxury RV resort” or “five-star RV parks“ and look at the photos.  

More of us are traveling for various reasons, and finding a good RV park that will meet your needs is essential to your travel enjoyment. Therefore, defining your needs (and wants!) is a must. 

Here are some questions and ideas that might help you choose the right RV park.  

Where Are You Planning to Go? 

  • What part of North America? 
  • Are you traveling to a known tourism area (think Disney World) or an area with few visitors? 
  • Will there be many competing parks or only a few campgrounds? If you’re planning a trip to central Florida, you’ll find way too many options for camping, while if you want to travel through northern Wisconsin, you’ll find limited sophisticated RV parks and more mom-and-pop campgrounds. 
  • Some areas have government-run campgrounds (military family camps, Corps of Engineers campgrounds, and state and national parks). If you can figure out their reservation systems and have an RV that will fit in their campsites, you can save money and explore beautiful lands.

Where you’re going will determine how hard it will be to find the right RV park.

What Kind of Camper Are You?

Consider the following:

  • Do you like to go off the well-traveled trails, or do you need air conditioning in the summer, heat in the winter, and a 50 amp plug for your clothes dryer?  
  • Do you want to cook on cast iron over a wood fire?  
  • Do you like being around many people, or do you want peace and quiet? 
  •  What amenities do you want or need? Many RV parks offer internet access and laundry facilities, but not all have swimming pools, gyms, and bicycle trails. It never hurts to ask questions –you don’t want to plan a quiet, relaxing trip only to discover you are at ground zero for a gathering of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. 

What Kind of RV Do You Have? 

  • Are you using a pop-up camper, a small bumper-hitch trailer, or a sizable fifth-wheel trailer?  
  • Is your camping vehicle ten feet long or forty-four? Many beautiful RV parks offer overwhelming scenic views, but the road to the park may be terrifying. Again, ask questions and consult maps as well as GPS directions.  
  • Some parks restrict the type of RV they admit – read the information and understand the similarities and differences between Class A, B, and C motorhomes. Some will not allow tents; others welcome tents with extra amenities only for tent campers.  
  • Another note: if you’re in a large motorhome, make sure you can get under bridges, around hairpin turns, and through the lanes of the RV park to your site. 

Who’s Traveling with You to an RV Park in Tyler?

  • Friends – family – children – pets? Travelers with multi-generational families need RV parks that offer something for everyone.  
  • Great RV parks may offer hikes, activities for children, games, and gatherings for “seniors.” Again, check that your chosen park allows pets, especially if you have a breed that is not permitted at some parks. 

Why Are You Traveling? 

  • Employment, study, sports, tourism, just getting away?  
  • Are you a remote worker? Are you retired, a traveling nurse, or a family with children exploring the world while homeschooling? For people who are working remotely, excellent internet access may be critical.  
  • For those on vacation with children, parks near beaches, lakes, amusement parks, or natural areas are attractive, while those who want to get away from the world may not want anywhere close to excitement.

How Long Will You Travel?  

  • Do you want to stay in one RV park for a few days, a week, or a month? Almost any clean, safe, and accessible RV park will do if you’re only staying one night, but if you’re planning an extended stay, you might need access to grocery stores, public libraries, and maybe places of worship. The most beautiful RV park in the world won’t work if it can’t meet your needs for your chosen length of stay. 

RV park Tyler

Internet Presence of the RV Park in Tyler

  •  Is the park’s website up to date? 
  •  Is it easy to use to find information and make a reservation? If the website is updated and user-friendly, it can indicate that the RV park is well run – and vice versa. 
  • How about customer reviews? They can give you information that the website won’t – but be careful to take both 5-star and 1-star reviews with a grain of salt. Customer reviews are helpful but can be biased. As you plan your trip, use the internet to find all the possible places to stay, but be wary of the “Ten Best” lists. Be aware that some lists are paid for their reviews.

This is a Biggie: What’s Your Budget?   

  • The sky is almost the limit. You can sleep for free in some Walmart parking lots (make sure to check first!) or pay nearly $200 each night to stay in some luxury RV resorts. Note: This year, many parks are asking for full payment upfront.  

Finding the Right RV Park in Tyler

As you answer these questions, think about what you need and want. There are as many kinds of RV parks as there are types of RVs and kinds of people. That’s why Woodland Creek RV Park was created to accommodate the specific tastes of each camper. 

Finally, you’ll know the perfect campground (like Woodland Creek in Tyler, Texas) when you see it, but so will others. There’s a good possibility the RV park will fill up fast, so remember to book your reservation early!