Traveling with Pets to RV Campgrounds in Tyler, TX

RV campgrounds Tyler TX

Time for a road trip! Who’s going with you? Some of us would rather travel with animals than people, but the challenges are not much different. No matter who your traveling companions are, you need to plan, consider how to stay safe and healthy, and be aware of others as you visit RV campgrounds in Tyler and other areas. Woodland Creek RV Park has excellent options for pets. Here are some suggestions for bringing your pet along.

Planning To Travel with Pets to RV Campgrounds in Tyler, TX and Other Areas

  • Get your pet used to traveling. Some animals fear that car rides will end up at the vet’s office. Whether you’re traveling with a cat or a dog, take it on short, fun trips that don’t involve the vet or anything scary. 
  • Make the first trips very short, maybe only five or ten minutes. As you increase the time, go to the park, the beach, or someplace your pet will like. 
  • Take along treats to make the trip something to look forward to.  
  • Talk to your vet and make sure you have your pet’s records. If you plan to travel to Canada, you must provide proof of rabies vaccination and may need additional information, depending on the age and health of your pet.
  • Have any needed medications on hand, including prescriptions for anxiety. You can find some sold over-the-counter at pet stores.
  • Take your pet’s regular food and even your home’s water if your pet has a sensitive stomach.
  • For a cat, remember that you need a litter box – one that your cat is willing to use. If your cat is not comfortable taking care of this business, it will get sick. This article describes several options. https://thediscerningcat.com/travel-litter-box/ 
  • Gather contact information for vets before you begin your trip. 
  • Consider alternatives if your pet hates traveling. Maybe a dog park on your route or near your RV park can give your dog a place to run. Now is the time to think about options, not when you’re five states away from home.


  • Getting your cat used to a cat carrier is probably the best bet. Leave the carrier open at home, with a comfortable blanket, a favorite toy, and treats inside. Let it become a favorite place, not just the prison in which they travel to the vet or groomer.  
  • Dogs are probably safest in a fastened crate, but people often seem to forget this when Rover wants to hang his head out the window. An unsecured dog can be injured or killed as easily as a child.
  • Your pet should always be leashed when outside the RV and should be wearing a collar or harness that it can’t escape. Don’t expect to carry a squirmy cat or dog in your arms – it just doesn’t work.
  • Get your pet microchipped, and ensure the information linked to the chip is current!  
  • Make sure your pet always wears a collar with your contact information. People are more used to putting identification tags on dogs, but you can still see heartbreaking notices every day that say, “Please help find my dog that escaped my car. No collar or tag; no microchip.” Tags and collars are cheap! Here’s a link to some ID tag recommendations for dogs. https://www.thesprucepets.com/best-dog-id-tags-4800555  You can even buy a tracking collar made especially for cats. https://thediscerningcat.com/cat-tracking-collars/  

Staying with Your Pet 

Almost every RV park welcomes well-behaved pets – or should they all welcome well-behaved pet owners?  

Respecting the land and the animals that live on it is necessary. Many RV parks are in wilderness areas where we humans are just visitors on the land, while the wildlife calls this place home. 

  • You may spot animals such as deer, wild hogs, raccoons, opossums, an occasional snake, insects and other wildlife during your stay. Please don’t feed the local wildlife, and be sure to let them have their space. 
  • No one, even those with dogs, wants to hear your dog bark, inside or outside.
  • Nor do your neighbors appreciate your sweet little furry friend begging for food.
  • Don’t leave your dog outside in a yard or on a rope, especially if you are not around. Do not leave your dog outside overnight!
  • Keep your dog on a short leash when you’re walking. Make sure it doesn’t get into fights with other dogs. Not everyone wants to be buddies with your pup.
  • Above all, pick up defecation and dispose of it properly.  

You know what you should do. For the comfort and enjoyment of everyone, please do it. Traveling is excellent bonding time. There’s no reason you shouldn’t bring along your pet. The trick is to put yourself in your fellow campers’ shoes. 

RV campgrounds Tyler TX

RV Campgrounds in Tyler, TX

Your job is to make the trip fun and exciting. Our job is to help you do it. Do you have questions? We’ve got answers. When shopping for a pet-friendly RV park, look no further than Woodland Creek RV Park in Tyler. Give us a call today.